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I posted this elsewhere, but aside from temp issues, these also cause h/r to drop:

  1. Turn off Night light under Display Settings
  2. Set Screen: "When plugged in, turn off after" to Never (under Power & Sleep)
  3. Disable your Screen Saver (Personalize, Lock Screen, Screen Saver Settings)
  4. Do not lock your screen or turn off/disconnect your display after you run your mining software. If you need to do either/both, create a batch file to run your mining software after a a short delay so it runs after you lock screen.
  5. Configure Power Settings to "High Performance" - verifitting

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Under power "High performance" is definitely a must.

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I had almost an identical problem with my 64, one of these fixed it.

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I started having a very similar issue today, too. I have 1x Vega 56 (56 bios), usually runs 1800-1850 H/s. However now, every time I reset it I get no more than 5 minutes at 1800+, before it drops to 1600-1650.

HBM Temp per HWinfo never gets above 60C. Fan is set to minimum 3500. I don't get it. All was fine for me until today and I didn't change/update anything.

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Hi, same problem here, even with 4900RPM on each fans (just for test at the max) and temperatures are below 53C and H/s is going down to 1600 H/s...

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I was so fed up with unstable hashrates that I applied the most extereme measures and I managed to get stable 2000h/sec on my Vega 64 by doing all of the below:

-disable screensaver, keep the screen connected all the time

-once you start mining, do not touch anything, do not launch any program, do not using monitoring software (HW64)

-fan at max speed (noisy but it keeps HBM cool)

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This is what I am doing too! Only castxmr running and a dummy hdmi in igpu, its been steady so far.

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What purpose does the dummy hdmi serve? New here and just trying to understand.

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I was having dropped has rates if unplugged monitor or it falls asleep. I am controlling it remote so I use a dummy plug so it thinks a monitor is there and keeps hash rates consistent.

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Ahh I see. Thanks.

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New miner here. Built a few desktops over the years. I've forgotten more than I remember... Anyway, Got 5 Vega 56's running cast_xmr w/blockchain drivers 17.30. Experienced all the lost hash issues. Got all of them at 1800+. 4 doing 1950+/- w/ [email protected] 1795-1825 h/s. No matter what I do, that one will not go beyond 1825. Set fan rpm minimum at 2000rpm. Currently all under 60°. Avg hash combined: 9557h/s. This has been steady for 36 hours. Freq945, -10, power -22. As per Mr. Gandolph... @cast_xmr.

After numerous re-installs of Win10 and the BC drivers, I realized that Windows update was screwing me. If using Win 10 home, you can't disable updates. So I reinstalled again... This time Win10Pro. No network connection. Install BC 17.30 drivers. Edit group policy in Win10: run, gpedit.msc, find update policy/task and disable it. Set virtual memory to 64,786mb. Set screen power to NEVER turn off. NEVER sleep. Disable password login until all cards up. Power down rig. (FYI: You don't need a Windows License. Just install Pro and disable Updates. No updates = no other AMD driver sneaking on your system and no automatic restarts that MS decided you wouldn't have the permission to deactivate.)

I never slapped the remaining 4 cards in at once on all the other installs. This time --- all at ONCE. Screw it! I was annoyed... Guess what? Boot it and walk away. It'll take almost 5 minutes of nothing on your screen before you'll get your desktop.

Voila!! Adjust Wattman as desired. Run your miner... Pulling 945w at the wall using Kill-A-Watt.

Also, as to the HDMI dummy plugs... I purchased two (2nd rig getting built this week) before realizing that the display issue would go away once Windows couldn't grab any updates. Don't need them. I turn off my display every night. My hash stays stable. Before it would disable HBM and cause the hash drop. Not anymore. Save your money on the dummy plugs.

Hope this helps...

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What are your wattman settings?

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I followed cast_xmr's dev (gandolph) settings for vegas. Link here: http://www.gandalph3000.com/cast_xmr/howto-mine-monero-rx-vega/ The only thing I did different was set my fan minimum speed at 2000rpm. They're spinning on their own at 2800+/-rpm. I tried clock at 950 and pulled higher hash with fans on auto. Running between 65-75 degrees. Got to 9500-ish hash... barely. Then dropped back to 945 and just upped the min fan rpm to 2k. Power consumption stays under 940w. At 950mhz power was around 925-930, but hash never hit 9550+ like it does at 945 w/2k rpm. FYI: fans did rev up to 3k+ at start, and one other time hours later for a few seconds... but stable and consistent at 2800rpm.

1900 Hash/s with 150 watts power consumption

Core Frequency: -10% Memory Clock: 945 MHz Power Limit: -22%

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I can't get my cards (2 of them) to go to 1900. They average out 1750 or around there even with memory at 1050. These are powercolor cards. I don't know that makes any difference. They have the V64 bios to them. I also don't know if would make a difference.

Core temperature stays around 60s. Memory temperature stays around 70s.

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I'm all stock bios, Vega 56. I didn't even flip the little dip switch on the top of the card... which I read somewhere was a "performance BIOS" or something. So all stock here.

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I'll have to try it with the stock bios. The switch is the dual bios feature so you can have 2 bioses.

I found out just now that GPUz sunning eats about 200mh per card and once its open, the system doesn't recover from it.

I can get the card to about 1870mh and then GPUz would drop it down to about 1700 or high 1600s.

thanks for your help.

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So the problem was definitely GPUz. Removing that keeps a stable 1800+ speeds and one of the cards (the cooler one) is getting 2000H.

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You can get gpedit.msc on win 10 home. The vegamining.blogsot has a section on that.

I just got my 3 vega 56s up pretty stable for now and what I noticed is that I would usually have one that was -200 below the other two and I could change which GPU it was by what order I would disable and reenable the GPUs in device manager. They are all set the same and I have my dummy HDMI in the motherboard igpu. If I cycle through disabling and enabling them in the right order my screen resolution goes to like 480x600. Then I ran castxmr and I would have 2 vegas at round 1970 and the other one at like 1870 and it's the best I got so far. I was running just two and they were both at 1970 consistently, but I did need to have a monitor plugged in. So getting about 5806 h/s on all 3.

Just fyi I flashed all my 56s to the 64bios and use the default vega 64 profile for the overdriventool from vegamining.blogspot.

Edit: just noticed when I close remote viewer and log in later and check the rates the slower gpu is hashing around the same as the other 2. So chrome remote view has an effect of lowering that 100 hashes.

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The more time I spend configuring (and reconfiging...FML!) I'm noticing all kinds of quirks and issues. Yeah, the HBM toggle thing sucks. Then sometimes there's one that won't toggle. I've read up on the disable in DevMngr. Have yet to employ this trick as both rigs running stable after my latest debacle yesterday...

Kept an eye on my wattage, but disregarded my amperage--LOL! Poof! goes the circuit breaker. And then shit happens at 8:30 in the morning as xmr price running up. fml..

I've also noticed that some gpu's don't like certain settings. All hardware in my rigs is identical. Yet on rig2 I have 2 cards that are crapping out on the same settings as all the others. Checked everything... swapped risers, cables, this, that, the other... The likelihood that you get some flaky chips increases when you buy large amounts from the same source. They likely received a "batch" delivery, which most likely was packaged and manufactured from a singular run/batch at the foundry.

Oh well... So I'm off by 150H/s, about 1.6%.

I'll live.

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Any 120 mm fan blowing through the card will decrease its temp by around 10 grads

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I am using a ASUS Z270-A and two Vega cards + one GTX 1070 in the system, I am able to run the two Vegas to 1900h/s each but for few hours the hash rate drop to 1600h/s, does anyone have the same issue with the same SPEC or know how to fix it? I have tried number of ways including adjust the power settings, disable screen saver and always keep the display on etc but no help.

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What I find is it's the card that set to my display. If it drops I just reset it in device manager and just start mining again. Usually that clears it up.

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I am looking for a stable way, which means you don't need to monitor the hash rate all the time...

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This should be stickied gets asked very often. The reason: your RAM gets too hot, HBCC gets turned off. Your fan RPM needs to be over 3000 RPM to keep it cool.

People should be prepared for all the noise, lol :p

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HBCC is not needed for 1900+ hashrate. Not at all. It was only originally thought so as a coincidence, because disabling/enabling HBCC also resets the card. Resetting the device is sufficient at this point and HBCC can be kept off, which also means you don't need more than 4GB of RAM.

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If HBCC isn't needed, how do you go about 'resetting the device' to get max h/r? If thats the case, do the latest drivers work just fine for mining or do you still use blockchain?

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I have a batch file that disables the device through the device manager console and then re-enable it. This is very useful because you can do it through the command line, and even do it through the windows task scheduler. I followed a guide linked from the 'definitive guide' that shows how to make a batch file to do it.

You still have to use the blockchain drivers, no getting around that.

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Device manager

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I don't think it's temp related unless I'm completely missing something.

47c on thermal and 53c on HBM currently only 1632 h/s while my other card is 54c on thermal and 62c on HBM with 1834 h/s

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And what are your fans usually running at? It builds up over time your HBM temperature, that's why it reaches threshold every x hours (i.e. overnight).

For me this happens too, because I keep the fans relatively quiet and manually reset the card at least once a day. For non-stop performance there's no way around the fans blasting at a very high speed.

From http://portalviral.com/?page=r/MoneroMining/comments/74hjqn/monero_and_vega_the_definitive_guide/ :

MIN FAN SPEED: 3000 RPM (you'll need it way high and loud to keep HBM cool)

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They're running at the 3000RPM min. But I think it may have been task manager that caused the issue. With it open the main card goes to ~1600 after 20 mins and now with it closed it hasn't happened... strange

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Yeah, on my 4x Vega 56 rig, I basically can't do anything after I start mining. Opening the wrong program or window may/often crashes either one or all four cards down to ~1600. Every time I remote in via mstsc I cross my fingers that it won't crash the cards.

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I feel you, I finally got my cards to 1880h/s but noticed that it is the most delicate thing in the world, and even minimizing the window a few times or checking GPU temps will cause artifacting and an eventual crash. I hope that we get some new blockchain driver updates soon, as VEGA currently feels far too buggy for a card that had several years to be developed.

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I'm not sure that will really have been the cause :/ hmm

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Yeah I really don't think so either but I haven't hit it yet. Gonna let it run until it does. Either way haven't dropped since then.