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The Cisco Press books are great, however not necessarily "all inclusive" ways to gain all of the knowledge needed to pass an exam. I think the biggest challenge is that they tend to cover so much information that it is difficult to retain all of it without having more hands-on experience.

IMO, I would sponge up as much as you can from senior engineers while onsite for your deployment, then give the book and probably some CBT another shot before booking the exam again. I am willing to bet after the deployment is complete, your studying will go much better. Not to mention some of those "trick" questions won't be as likely to trip you up on the exam.

Areas I would personally recommend studying: -CUCM, Unity Connection, IM&P Administration and configuration (basic everyday tasks, moves adds changes, user administration, etc) -CUCM Dial Plan, CSS, Partitions -IOS Dial Peer Configuration -Basic Telephony circuits, signalling concepts, configuration/troubleshooting (POTS, ISDN, SIP Trunks) -Device capabilites based on phone model -Basic CUCM user portal features (PCA) -Cisco Jabber Basics (IM&P) -CME Config/Admin (WebAdmin and some IOS won't hurt as well) -DRF/DRS

I agree with the-packet-thrower that Jeremy Ciora's CBT Nuggets are a great place to start as well. That being said, I think there is simply no replacement for on-the-job training. If you happen to have a light workload while on the project, don't focus on studying, instead find something that isn't working and try to figure out how to resolve the issue, or start researching the next tasks on the project so they will make more sense when you are performing them or shoulder surfing another engineer who is performing them.

Sidenote, any chance you get travel to the jobsite with a senior engineer, take it. That's the best time to pick their brains about things you may not understand or are struggling with.

OK I'll get off my soapbox now sorry!

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Quite literally just sat in the first stakeholders meeting today and there's already some bickering going back and forth from our CCIE voice guy and their R/S guy who doesn't want to put QOS on his network... Anyway all great advice and I'm doing exactly that!

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What do you feel the book didn't cover? Keep the NDA in mind so keep it general.

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I felt like it glazes over CLI commands a little too much in favor of CCP. Also there's a lot of focus on CME in the early chapters with not much payoff.. Maybe just a little frustrated more than anything

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Ah, have you been labbing everything?

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I have, always could do more I guess. I have a full physical set up that I've been building up and tearing down but I've been doing it to the specifications of my future work assignment but it seemed pretty in line with what the book was saying. Obviously I'm just going to keep studying just didn't know if anyone had the same thoughts or had a different way.

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If your looking for more CME / CLI stuff you can track down Jeremy Cioara's old CCNA Voice book. Back then the CCNA Voice was entirely CME.

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Thanks I'll look into it, also started looking at PluralSight or CBTNuggets haven't really decided if I want to pull the trigger yet though.

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Jeremy's voice videos in CBT nuggts are actually pretty good.

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Keep in mind that Cioara's CBT Collaboration series is only half done. He is recording the second half now for the 210-065 CIVND

The first half is loathed by most people I have spoken to on this sub, but maybe you should give it a shot. Lets just say that he plays with robots a lot and no, robots are not in the exam.

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Well PluralSight only has part 1/5 of just CICD 210-060

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The second part (of 5) of that class will be out soon. Josh Kittle is an excellent instructor. Its just going to take him time to get them out. Maybe go tweet at him on Twitter and ask the eta like I do from time to time ;)

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Is that all done now? I am seeing five modules under Fundamentals for Cisco CICD on Pluralsight, or will there be five actual courses?

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Keep in mind a lot of topics are carried over from the old Voice track and there is no robots in those ones that I saw!

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Whats the passing score for the collaboration 210-060? 800?

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Damn. That is high.

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Jesus... How many questions? I'm doing Boson Exams and they are 71 questions long a piece... and to get an 860 you can only miss up to THREE questions. And after studying the same book you studied, taking these tests i'm like 'wait... what?' I take the test in 2 days and now i'm nervous.

Any last minute suggestions of what to buff up on? please PM me

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Honestly man it's all about knowing what menu passwords are. It's not about what things are but where...

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menu passwords? i get what you mean. Kind of silly you have to memorize where things are in menus as IRL you'd just click through and find it. thanks for the heads up!

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I just failed this too and i agree 100% that the Cisco Wordpress book was pretty much useless in the broad scheme for their own test. Very disappointed, not in that i failed, but the stuff that came on the test was no where in the study materials and practice tests and such.

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I also failed with 790. I did find that the ciscopress book was not much help. I went thru every chapter 5 times and I have been working with UCM for 8 years. I was hoping the guide would give me a good refresher. Not!!!!!

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    it will cover about 2/3 of the test questions. I recommend going over everything stated by vaporbrains