I need a mass gainer by gainit321 in gainit

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here's a comparison of some popular gainer shakes in terms of how many calories they contain, etc.: https://smoothiegains.com/gainer-compare-app/

Roy Moore vs. "Half your age plus seven" [OC] by HillaryApologist in dataisbeautiful

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You seem very upset by someone simply pointing out that a minor is someone under 18.

Why do/don't you invest in cryptocurrency? by spartan_spear in financialindependence

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In general, there are very few strict currency controls in the modern world.

However, reasons for a government or central bank to attempt to adjust currency exchanges and currency values include:

  • avoiding inflation or deflation
  • avoiding instabilities within an economy
  • to assist domestic firms in competing with foreign firms

Imagine if your local currency fluctuated as widely as crypto currencies do. That level of uncertainty and instability would wreck havok on the economy.

TDEE question by Pollylocks in gainit

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Probably heavy, but see If the calculator has a definition.

Weight loss advice by Step0nSani in Smoothies

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Weight loss (and gain) is all about the amount of calories you consume versus the amount of calories your body burns. To lose weight you will want to make sure you eat less calories than your body burns.

Losing weight sucks. You're going to feel hungry. But smoothies can help in that they can be a low-calorie substitute for a full meal. I recommend making sure you eat enough protein. You can use a protein powder in a smoothie to help with that. A lot of smoothies are going to heavy on the carbohydrates and low on proteins.

Foods that are often used in smoothies that are low in calorie are fruits that have a lot of water in them. Think strawberries and fruits like that. There's a lot of low-calorie smoothie recipes out on the internet.

Here's a list of high calorie fruits you might want to avoid: https://smoothiegains.com/a-list-of-the-highest-calorie-fruits/

and here is a list of low calorie fruits that you might want to eat: https://www.livestrong.com/article/362699-list-of-low-calorie-fruits-vegetables/

best short bike rides in/ near Oakland by acaibsu in oakland

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You can bike along Embarcadero to the Park St. Bridge and down to the beach in Alameda. Just don't take the Webster St. Tube as that is awful to bike through, even on the sidewalk.

IP Sidekick is an API that returns information about an IP address. You can use it to customize your content based on the visitor's location or display their country. by h____ in SideProject

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Nice website.

I don't know how you get your IP location data, but I recommend setting up a way to create a way to manually set this information if needed. I work for an ISP and we get complaints from new customers that their IP address is wrongly geo located by services such as Netflix on a regular basis. We then end up having to contact Netflix support, who are pretty good at updating things.

Just something to think about if this service takes off.

Trump adviser 'can't guarantee' taxes won't go up for middle class by zirconx in politics

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The mortgage deduction is almost universally hated by economics of all stripes. From the right wing to the left wing, they all agree it should go. However, it is politically popular.

By having the mortgage deduction be less useful the plan hurts those who are upper middle class and higher. The people who benefit most from the mortgage deduction are the rich.

You can read a lot more about it online, here are two easy to find articles: https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2017/05/shame-mortgage-interest-deduction/526635/


[Slusser] A's catcher Bruce Maxwell is kneeling for the National Anthem. He's the first MLB player to do so. Maxwell has hand on heart, facing flag by CalmerThanYouAre9 in baseball

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They sang it on the 4th of July (or whatever the 4th of July fireworks night was). That's the only time I heard it.

Do people normally stand for that song? It was weird to see everyone rise as if it were the national anthem.

My friend owns a loft right next Laney College. What will happen to his property value if the stadium goes in? by heavymetalismetal in oakland

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Do you think more or less people will want to live there after the stadium is built?

This is a better question for an economics or real estate subreddit, but generally speaking there seems to be an increase in housing value for homes near sports stadiums.

When a new stadium is being built, the sports team almost always gets public subsidies and funding from tax payers. One reasoning for this is that the stadium will bring in more economic activity overall and make the city money in the long run. This seems not to be true most of the time. More often than not, the economic value of the new stadium ends up being less than the subsidies provided to build the stadium.

So the property value will probably rise after the stadium is built, but will likely not rise as much as any official estimates claim.

Also, note that it's unlikely that housing prices will rise during construction, and if anything may fall until construction is complete. It seems like most baseball stadiums take 3-4 years to build from the ground breaking to opening day.

Sonic Internet any good? (live in Walnut Creek) by nerdoe in bayarea

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I live in alameda and have had sonic for a year now. I have no complaints, we have multiple people watching YouTube and Netflix during peak hours and I never noticed any lag.

Pizza Hut giveaway by SmokeyMcBear01 in OaklandAthletics

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Also, be aware, that this is a dine-in only deal.

Pizza Hut giveaway by SmokeyMcBear01 in OaklandAthletics

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probably makes more sense to check with the Pizza Hut location you are trying to go to instead of the As.

I created a site which publishes the daily crime reports that BART has chosen to stop publishing by ben174 in bayarea

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Censored is the wrong word. If it were being censored OPs website would not exist. It's not being reported, which is different.

I'm not trying to be a jerk, I just think censorship is important enough that we should use the term accurately.

A's fans, why are you a fan of Oakland over San Francisco? And do you like the Giants? by OceansideAZ in OaklandAthletics

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The coliseum is more accessible (for me) and much more affordable so I ended up going to more As games than Giants games. I don't have anything against the Giants.

Allergic to bananas. I see them in almost every shake recipe, is there a reason for this? Alternatives? by dharma41 in gainit

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Bananas are high calorie, sweet, thick texture and cheap. You'll be hard pressed to find another fruit that shares all those qualities, but you certainly don't need to use bananas in smoothies.

Mango, blueberries and papaya come to mind as fruits that might work well as banana substitutes. Or just leave it out.

28 y/o... Semi-retired with $1,500/month passive income... What would you do? by leanfire123 in leanfire

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A lot of people are recommending activities, which is great, but I would focus on building meaningful deep friendships and relationships. That can be hard to do when travelling. But there are other people who don't work 40+ hours a week.

Instead of Tinder hookups, see if you can find a more meaningful relationship.