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Jimbuscus commented on a post in r/GameDeals
Jimbuscus 4 points

Is it DRM free?

byzantinebobby 4 points

Technically no. You have to download and install the Twitch client on your computer first. The Twitch client will download and install the game. Once the game is installed, you could completely remove the Twitch client and still play the game fine.

Jimbuscus 3 points

I installed it, when I opened SUPERHOT from the start menu ,it opened Twitch as well, but I was able to find the EXE and open it by itself

So I was able to add to Steam without Twitch

Jimbuscus commented on a post in r/DunderMifflin
alanakneecole 176 points

Did they put the different managers from each season on their respective boxes? That’s so neat!

Jimbuscus 3 points

I really like that although Dwight was only Manager at the end of it, hes the one it finished on

Jimbuscus 1 point

Mine is on Plex, Netflix in Australia doesn't have The Office anyway

gamertribalism 1 point

There is certainly a setting in Steam to opt out of emails of games in your wishlist.

setting those prior to adding games should have stopped those emails and maybe this post.

Of course those settings also still have mention of Greenlight so who the f knows.

Jimbuscus 1 point

I still want the emails, just not for games as I wishlist them, I'll just have to get used to it

DragoN_PT 6 points

Use isthereanydeal instead. You can set the price to when the site should sent an email.

Jimbuscus -3 points

I use IsThereAnyDeal alerts, but Steam still sends the messages

Jimbuscus commented on a post in r/xboxone
PretendCasual 92 points

Want to look at your friends list on your phone? Take a seat, it's going to be a couple minutes. It'd be faster for me to turn on my xbox and look.

Jimbuscus 3 points

It also takes that long on the Win10 app, it really needs to be improved

Jimbuscus commented on a post in r/xboxone
w4rrior_eh 5 points

FYI deal is not in Canada (just checked) and we also lost the $10 cards from the Store..

Jimbuscus 2 points

The Australian one loses values sometimes, but they tend to come back after a few weeks

Jimbuscus commented on a post in r/GameDeals
Halitrad 14 points

There are many ways to use Early Access questionably.

One of which is selling a game as one thing, waiting until you have a lot of players, then splitting the game into two separate titles that do two VERY different things, and leaving one of them to wither with infrequent updates and a Reaper shrug to anyone who signed on to play a zombie survival game, we'd rather focus on the PvP king of the hill battle royale mode.

Your example of abandoned games after a buck is made is one in which Early Access is used WRONG.

Questionable uses - such as H1Z1, State of Decay, and Primal Carnage: Extinction (Even if PC:E wasn't the dev's fault,) - are a different type of shenanigans.

Jimbuscus -2 points

It was obvious the moment that PvE was separated, that they where planning on abandoning it, it looks like that's exactly what they did

However, at $4.99, following a week to try it out, I don't mind that price point for an okay populated Battle Royale, for however long it lasts

Edit: Glad I was able to try first, fuck that game is boring

b3rbo 1 point

"Keys remaining" is something that puts me away instantly. It's a virtual item which can be multiplied eternally and even if it runs out they will add more, cmon. It just looks like a stupid bait.

Jimbuscus 2 points

The website buys the keys as a bulk item, it's what allows for the reduced price

The retailer only has the amount of keys that they have bought & are unable to produce there own

b3rbo 1 point

I'm pretty sure they get x amount of keys and sell them. Payment goes depending on the sales. If what you explained was correct, they would be risking a lot with each sale they have.

Jimbuscus 1 point

They deliver the keys instantly in my experience, they most likely have different agreements depending on each publisher, in whether or not they are buying the full allotment or just what sells, but if they do buy all at once the remaining where bought at a discount and can be sold at a later time

Jimbuscus commented on a post in r/PublicFreakout
LeCookie 1 point

I'm confused.

Jimbuscus 3 points

It's usually projection

Parallelism09191989 28 points

I’ve read all the comments in this thread, and it brings me overwhelming joy that the general consensus is that these kids need to stop.

Reddit, we got it right!

Jimbuscus 3 points

Yeah, this thread is a lot more uplifting then the other one about the American politician who killed himself yesterday

It's hard to have the high ground while advocating suicide

Jimbuscus commented on a post in r/AskReddit
SOAR21 23,530 points

You'll notice this instantly upon traveling in Asia and Europe -- America has done an amazing job at cutting down on smoking.

Through education campaigns, mandatory warnings, and cigarette taxes, we've really turned smoking into something unfashionable, universally recognized as unhealthy, and generally considered a vice that people fight to free themselves from.

WHO ranked the US 70/84 in prevalence of smoking in 2015, and I think it's only getting better.

Edit: Yeah I get I answered the question wrong; 70/84 isn't the best, and other Anglophone/Nordic countries do it too/better/first. Still think it's worth mentioning that the US is among the very few developed countries that are successful at it. Nice to be on the "right" side of things for once.

Jimbuscus 1 point

TBH, I'd argue that Australia is at least as good, I rarely see anyone smoking anymore, we have the graphical warning labels, cigs can't even be viewable in the shop

Packs are approaching $50

spaceghostm16intheba 3 points

I dont know about the schools you guys went to but kids love to gamble on fucking anything. This is why I hate the whole "think of the children who buy these loot crates!!!!" argument since people use children as a way to garner attention and are mostly thinking for themselves.

No matter the amount of bans and restrictions you put in place kids will always have something to gamble on. You may think it is wrong and we should stop them but kids dont give a shit.

Jimbuscus 0 points

It is normal for a parent to put a bet on the Melbourne Cup on behalf of there child each year

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