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aflesner 2 points

Could this cable catch fire

Yes. As to whether or not the PSU is designed to attempt to prevent this is a question for Corsair, but if your PSU goes up in flames because it spread from somewhere else in your chassis, you're screwed anyway.

monerros 1 point

I'm screwed anyway, but there is still a difference between burning your computer and your whole house :)

aflesner 1 point

Either way, your entire house is going to burn down. You're not going to be able to practically design a PC chassis that is fire proof.

monerros 1 point

My point was, having the case in an isolated area, would the cable be a problem. Anyways, I got your point.

bikini_carwash 3 points

I get 815 H/s on my XFX RX 580 4G at 65W.

I was debating selling them and getting a Vega 56, however I think the nice thing about the RX 580s is that you can use them to mine Ether efficiently as well, whereas I feel the Vega is weaker in that regard.

monerros 1 point

I'm more interested in the specific case of Sapphire Nitro+ rx580 (8G). Do you think I would be able to achieve something similar with this model?

bikini_carwash 1 point

I dont see why you wouldn't be in that ballpark.

monerros 1 point

What software are you using to mine it at 815 H/s at 65W? What configurations or overclocking? If you are willing to share.

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