I am finally able to join the Porsche club! by Dre_wj in Porsche

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I read that IMS issues were reported around the 40k mark. At the 100k id say he's good to go :)

Threadripper 1950x for 3D Workstation - Anything I should consider? by Pants_Ripper in buildapc

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Looking into building this same type of machine. No issues with the Motherboard & CPU? Some mediocre customer reviews have me a little scared to commit to the purchase.

997.1 C4 Third Mod, Tire Stickers! by Casualposter in Porsche

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How are you enjoying the 997? I'm looking into it being my intro to the Porsche world also :) Any recommendations?

Netflix et Amazon doivent être taxés, plaide Denis Coderre by Yvels in montreal

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The Bills for the 375 Celebration are coming in and he's realized he can't pay? Fuck this guy. He needs to go come NOV.

Here's a video I made of my trip to Montreal this weekend! This city is very beautiful. by impatrickt in montreal

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very cool! love the editing too... However you forgot to include the orange cones in your footage ;) (jokes jokes) well shot mate!

My new toy - 991.2 Carrera 4 GTS by monoseanism in Porsche

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did you get it manual or PDK? This will hopefully be my next car, and i can't decide.

Climate Change Has Already Harmed Almost Half of All Mammals by shreditorOG in worldnews

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I'd really like it to "harm" a certain blond individual so that particular mammal can stop ignoring it.

Sean Spicer says Donald Trump had productive meeting with ‘Joe’ Trudeau by yogurlrere in canada

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I can't look at this guy anymore without picturing him driving his desk through the press.

Aurora as seen from the ISS by Mertany8 in space

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The earth looks like its about to explode. Great pic!

Soccer used to have different rules by Donald_Keyman in sports

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I would watch this sport if these were still the rules

Apparently subway pole dancing is a thing by anewhigh in gifs

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How to catch every germ on the planet in 15 secondes

My wife had a feeling people would need some cheering up at work today... by Mookychew in aww

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people not appreciating your humor. lol here, have an upvote.

First Winter in Montreal and I'm terrified... by ubijustin in montreal

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I don't really understand why your so pissed off by my opinion on this. Maybe you work in the industry? Sure we humans believe that the world owes us and look at the great state our planet is in. If you took 3 seconds to look at how animals are treated in fur farms, and you still find this sustainable... your a lost cause.




First Winter in Montreal and I'm terrified... by ubijustin in montreal

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You obviously haven't looked into this at all bud.

First Winter in Montreal and I'm terrified... by ubijustin in montreal

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I'm gonna be that guy :

Canada Goose is a Canadian outdoor clothing company who uses real coyote fur as trim on the hoods of their parkas. Despite the fact that the majority of Canadians abhor the use of fur, Canada Goose actually celebrates the trapping and killing of wildlife for unnecessary, decorative fur trim.

I'm apauled that in 2016 we still rip the skin off animals for "fashion"...

'Space Jam' Is Returning to Theaters For Its 20th Anniversary! Come On and Slam! by KatieRuthie19 in movies

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The last time i ate Kentuky Fried Chicken, was the night i saw Space Jam in the theaters. It's been a while !